Case Management Services

At Coyle Homecare, our Case Management services are designed to provide comprehensive support to individuals who have sustained life-changing conditions such as brain, or spinal cord, injuries. Our experienced and highly skilled registered healthcare professionals act as Case Managers, offering holistic advice, support, and assistance to the injured individual and their family throughout their journey to recovery.

What is Case Management?

Case management is a specialised process where a registered healthcare professional serves as a direct handler for individuals who have suffered significant injuries. The primary goal of case management is to ensure that the injured individual and their family receive the right care and support tailored to their unique needs in a short turnaround.

How Coyle Homecare Support You

Drawing from our extensive experience as a homecare provider, our Case Managers take on the responsibility of assessing, planning, coordinating, and monitoring care services required by the injured individual and their family. They act as advocates, always prioritising the best interests of the individual who requires care.

We address various aspects of care, including health and wellbeing, education, and occupational needs. By utilising effective communication methods and harnessing available resources, we’re able to promote quality, cost-effective, and safe outcomes for the client.

Legal and Insurance Coordination

In cases involving legal claims for damages due to personal injury or clinical negligence, our Case Managers work closely with the injured individual's solicitor and relevant insurance entities. This collaboration ensures that all necessary steps are taken to support the client's legal interests while focusing on their overall wellbeing and recovery.

By choosing Coyle Homecare for Case Management services, individuals and their families can rely on dedicated professionals who are committed to providing compassionate, effective, and comprehensive support throughout their journey to recovery and rehabilitation. With our proven track record in homecare, we ensure that exceptional care continues seamlessly through our Case Management services.

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